Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Favorite 2010 piece

After a long time, aka a couple drunk hours, I've decided on my favorite song of 2010 which is a song that I'm pretty sure has passed through my ear cavities more than any other this year.

Monday, December 27, 2010

10 Albums That Kept Me From Killing Myself In 2010

Sorry for such a cryptic title but "best of" seems so played out, also these albums aren't necessarily the best albums that came out this year, in fact I think some albums I don't mention are just as good if not better than what is to follow but I think these records haven't gotten the recognition they deserve. This is in no meaningful order other than the way I placed them since my tastes and mood are in constant flux. Also I don't mean this as a end all be all "best albums" list, these are just my personal favorite 2010 records as of right now, these few minutes.



Heart Of The Nightlife

The Lead Riders EP

Blackbird Blackbird - Summer Heart

One Hundred Suns EP

Body Language - Social Studies EP

Pears - Sterling Postures

Wild Nothing

Who Knew
Bits And Pieces Of A Major Spectacle

Monday, December 20, 2010

Great collaboration project between Mumdance and Drums of Death has birthed this phenomenal track.

Maybe it's just nostalgia but in my humble opinion this is still by far one of the best videos ever made.

Golden Ages



Sensual Harassment

'Alpha Draconis' by sensualharassment

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jamie XX - Boiler Room #35

Electrelane : I Only Always Think
The Streets : Streets Score
The XX : Crystalised (DarkSky Remix)
Silentone : Beat For
Rossi B & Luca : Jah No Dead
Clubroot : Lucid Dream
Darkstar : Aidy’s Girl Is a Computer
Burial : Unite
Fantastic Mr Fox & Rich Reason : Lo-Fi-Ve
Joy Orbison : Hyph Mngo
Skream : Trapped In a Dark Bubble
Silentone : DUB PLATE 1
Aardvarck : One1
James Blake : Sparing The Horse
Boogaloo Crew : Hedgehog Sound
Zomby : Expert Tuition
Deadboy : Heartbreaker
Bad Autopsy : Psionic Terror
Cooly G : Narst
zed bias : To the left (test)
MJ Cole feat. Serocee : AO (MJ’s Open Your Gob Dubb)
DJ Champion: Motherboard
Bertrand Dupart : Ketokole (Boddhi Satva Ancestrial Mix) Fantastic Mr Fox : Plimsoul
Emvee : Glitch Dub
Dorian Concept : Trilingual Dance Sexperience
Silentone : You’ve Got No Love (Feat. Nigh)
Egypt : In The Morning (Original Club Mix)


Friday, December 3, 2010

llen Allien – Subdivisions 032 – 02.12.2010

01 - Sa.Du - Lost In Deep - Pablo Gael Remix - Bonzai Basiks
02 - Vita - Dig Down (Reverse Commuter's Down Deeper mix) - Adjunct
03 - Regen - Duke - Traut Muzik
04 - TELEFUNK - Blue Berlin Dreams - Impulsa Records
05 - Stefano Tropeano - Wrapped (Original_Mix) - Yellow Tail
06 - J Alexander - Endless (Jazz at the Berghain Version) - Friends Electric Records
07 - Anton Pieete - Whaler - Kling Klong
08 - Nils Hoffmann - Long Island Work - Broque
09 - André Kraml - El Cuclillo Y El Burro (Balcazar MexRed Poncho Remix) - 200 Records
10 - Someone Else - Jena Jazz (Irvin Remix) - Ready Made
11 - Pedro Goya - Margarida - Troia LTD REcords
12 - Chaim - U & Eye - Bpitch Control

Ellen Allien - 2010-12-02 - Guest Mix at Subdivisions Global Radio Show 032 - mixing.dj by Electro-Mix-Memory

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


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Teen Daze

Banana Clipz

Together, Oro11 and Chief Boima are Banana Clipz, a project that began when both artists were living in Oakland. Forged over the course of three years, their EP distills the pair's shared love of Afro-Latin-Caribbean sounds into a modern club template, one partially inspired by Bersa Discos' monthly Tormenta Tropical party in San Francisco, where Boima was a frequent guest DJ and even more frequent dancefloor participant.

While Oro11 and Chief Boima might be responsible for the beats on the Banana Clipz EP, the seven-track release features a number of guest vocalists, including white-hot Oakland/Panamanian rappers Los Rakas, Bay Area-based Guyanese dancehall MC Tidal, Sierra Leone-born singer Khady Black, and Black Nature of San Francisco's Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars.

Download/Listen @ Ghetto Bass Quake