Monday, May 31, 2010

Pantha Du Prince U.S. dates!!!!

15.06.2010 / US / Washington, D.C. / U Street Music Hall
17.06.2010 / US / New York / Santos Party House
18.06.2010 / US / Los Angeles / Echo

Only 3 dates but hell yeah at Santos!!!!

Get tickets for Santos here

Sunday, May 30, 2010


ceo - come with me from Modular People on Vimeo.

I can't wait for this album to come out!!!

Download the song on the Modular site

Outa town

So I'm out of town right now which is why I haven't been posting much the past few days but I just wanted to drop this in here for you all to check out!

pronounced you know you owe me dude


Collections - Volume I

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Small Black - Bad Lover

Awesome new video from Small Black!

Modeselektor - Tsugi Podcast 137 - 17.05.2010


Greg Wilson - Bestival Blogcast

BESTIVAL BLOGCAST (by greg wilson for bestival) by gregwilson

Truman Peyote

Light-Lightning (listen/download)

NAPT - Dateline

Celebrating the forthcoming release of their hotly tipped singles “Narcotics”/”Fuck Critics”, multi award winning champions NAPT give you a golden ticket to the smashed up futuristic electronic world of N-Funk

NAPT Contraband - "Dateline" by NAPT

Teenagers In Tokyo - End It Tonight(Radiant Dragon Remix)

Radiant Dragon just sent me this really cool remix, it's a bit dark and foreboding, perfectly stripped down and restructured. He set out with a bold goal "I wanted to turn the dance-rock original inside out, and to drop it into a deeper dimension. " and really accomplished what he was going for.


Check out the original on Teenagers In Tokyo's myspace

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

FaltyDL - XLR8R Podcast 138, May 18th 2010


01 FaltyDL "Venus" (white)
02 Benny Ill, Kode9 & The Culprit "Fat Larry's Skank (Original)" (Tempa)
03 Duncan Powell "Pushin' (FaltyDL Remix)" (2nd Drop)
04 FaltyDL "2Step Sunday" (Tempa)
05 FaltyDL "Because You" (Planet Mu)
06 Zed Bias "Raving Bully" (white)
07 Millie & Andrea "Ever Since You Came Down" (Daphne)
08 FaltyDL "I'm Gonna Show You Somthin'" (white)
09 EL-B & Roxy "Deep Deep Love (Remix)" (DPR)
10 FaltyDL "My Friends Will Always Say..." (Planet Mu)
11 Ms. Dynamite "It Takes More (Zed Bias Remix)" (Polydor)
12 FaltyDL "Phreqaflex"(Planet Mu)
13 FaltyDL "Large Flash"(white)
14 Ghost "The Club" (Ghost)
15 Ramadanman "Don't Change For Me" (Hessle)
16 FaltyDL "Dionysos" (Planet Mu)
17 Blawan "Iddy" (Hessle)
18 Luke Vibert "Belief File" (Planet Mu)
19 AFX "VBS.Redlof.B" (Rephlex)
20 Swindle "Molly" (Planet Mu)
21 James Blake "The Bells Sketch" (Hessle)
22 FaltyDL "Body Down Marks" (white)
23 Squarepusher "My Red Hot Car" (Warp)
24 Unknown "Triple Bypass" (Hate)
25 Boxcutter "Mya Rave v2" (Planet Mu)
26 DJ Rashad & DJ Rome "Dat Shit Huff" (Bang Tha Box)
27 DJ Nate "Hatas Our Motivation" (Planet Mu)
28 DJ Nate "Give Dat Man Room" (Planet Mu)
29 Roy Ayers "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" (Polydor)


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Death In Plains

Yesterday I posted for ya'll an awesome remix of Death in Plains and here today I am back with their EP for you to stream in all its glory as well as their first video.

W h i r l w i n d / Death In Plains from Enrico Boccioletti on Vimeo.

Pretty awesome new EP from Doc Daneeka


Deadly Rhythm

Disco Bloodbath

I love Disco Bloodbath and I really hope that soon they manage to bring their parties to the US, anyway here is a sweet gust mix they did for Beats in Space.

1. Mungolian Jetset - Moon Jocks n Prog Rocks (Todd Terje Dub) - Luna Flicks

Disco Bloodbath mix:
2. Nacho Patrol - El Fuego En Nostros Todo - M Division
3. Dhar Braxton - Jump Back (Dubette) - Sleepin Bag Records
4. Old School Rider - Cabin Fever vol 7 - RKDS
5. Janet Jackson - Miss You Much (Shep's House dub) - A&M Records
6. Ulysses - Latin Combo - Wurst
7. Ganymed - Future World - Bellaphon
8. Mugwump - Parser - R&S
9. Reese & Santonio - The Sound - KMS
10 The Urban Bushmen - Logorhythmic Black - Can Can
11. Neville Watson - Time To Lose Control - Dissident
12. Two of China - Los Ninos Del Parque - Future Dance
13. Jock Hattle - Crazy Family - Market Records
14. Wild Geese - Touch (version) - Flashback
15. Barbara Roy - Gotta See You Tonight (Dub) - RCA


Brand new track from their upcoming album, download it on their site here

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nursery remixes Death in Plains

Here is a really great remix of a Death in Plains track called Life in Woods by a great up and coming act out of Santa Cruz who go by the name Nursery. Enjoy!

Life in Woods- Death in Plains // Nursery Remix by Nursery



Mathemagic EP

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tim and Eric - Roger of the Month Mar 2010 - Outro Video from Roger Skateboards on Vimeo.

Pet Milk

I really love those ears Draculas got

Demo Tape (Listen/Download/Buy)

Midnight Juggernauts


*Link Removed* but you can listen to the whole thing plus remixes on their myspace so make sure to check it out!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jar Moff

"Through current country-wide turmoil and frustration, visual + audio collagist Jar Moff comes to us (again) as a progressive artistic force from Athens, Greece. Jar is making about thirty hand-cut/torn ‘n glued CD-R packages for his new collection of found sounds, recorded live from his sp404 using 1980’s Greek sci-fi, horror, and avant-garde samples. A free download is below, but give him a shout via myspace to purchase a limited hand-made before they’re long gone."

Leaving Records

Listen/download (right click, save as)

Meet the sloths from Amphibian Avenger on Vimeo.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Boombox Hearts

One of my favorite things about having some random obscure blog floating around the vast space of the internet is the random obscure songs that are sent to me ever so often. It's even better though when the songs sent to me are good, this is one of those occasions. After a long bike ride that left my legs feeling like jelly and my heart pounding like an alien baby trying to escape from my chest, I found this song in my inbox. To quote the band " It's a 6.10 droning thing with twang and sadcore-ish lyrics", it was really the perfect track to lay back on my bed and let ride through body as I relaxed, anyway I hope you enjoy!


Gold (listen/download

random songs I love

And one of my favorite songs of all time

Brendon Moeller

From My Hood To Yours - The Realm DJ Mix (May 2010)

1. Microfilm - A Journey To The 74th - 04 - Inouwali
2. Rod Modell - Subway
3. Calibre - Steptoe
4. Disrupt - Berzerk Dub
5. Slugabed - Pressure
6. Beastie Boys - Your Sisters Def (Acapella)
7. King Tubby - Forever Dub
8. Rene Roussel - Noctilucque
9. DJ Collection - dbridge Instramental And Skream - Acacia Avenue
10. Dorian Concept - When Planets Explode
11. Cluster - Hollywood
12. King Midas Sound - Ting Dub
13. Jacky Murda - Three Piece Suit
14. Tussle - Meh-Teh
15. Ratatat - Mirando (Animal Collective Remix)
16. Harmonic 313 - Cyclotron
17. Illum Sphere - Go Killum
18. Thomas Brinkmann - 10
19. Mike Slott - Sun Tan
20. Madlib - Open (Space)
21. Milton Bradley - Somewhere Beyond My Illusion
22. Ballistic Bros. - Uschi's Groove


Hype Williams


High Beams

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Live From Soho: Portugal. The Man


Live From Soho

The Smashing Pumpkins ~ 1979

Scarlet's Songs | MySpace Music Videos

Avi Buffalo


Avi Buffalo


1 USA Boys
2 Before Tigers (CFCF RMX)
3 In Heat (Javeline RMX)
4 Die Slow (Tobacco RMX)
5 Severin (Small Black RMX)
6 Before Tigers (Gold Panda RMX)
7 Eat Flesh (Crystal Castles RMX)
8 In Violet (Salem RMX)
9 Nice Girls (Blondes RMX)
10 Die Slow (Pictureplane RMX)
11 Nice Girls (Little Loud RMX)
12 Before Tigers (Blindoldfreak RMX)

This album kicks ass and make sure to also check out these really cool shirts for sale


Disco 2


These albums have some real gems on them and just bring back some great memories haha, man the mid 90's were a great time.

"We could do the things,
All the things you wanted to
No one cares about us anyway"

Sparkle and Fade(1995)

So Much For The Afterglow(1997)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Shabazz Palaces - Belhaven Meridian from WHAT MATTERS MOST on Vimeo.

Ever slowly my faith in hip hop is being restored and it's all thanks to forward thinking acts like these guys, Shabazz Palaces.

They have two self released albums right now, both phenomenal.

Shabazz Palaces

TORO Y MOI "YOU HID" from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

Coyote Clean Up - A-Bomb Paper Tigers


North Sound Pt.1

Wizard Oz

Thanks to Get Off The Coast for posting this!



Sunday, May 9, 2010


So about a third of the year is over and I've been trying to compile a list of shows I've seen so far, I think I got them all in here, year is shaping up pretty nicely so far I must say.

1/9 - Holy Ghost, Classixx @ Webster Hall
1/23 - Moe. @ Roseland Ballroom
2/5 - Galactic @ T5
2/6 - Hot Chip @ MHOW
2/6 - Hot Chip DJ set/We are Wolves @ BK Bowl
2/17 - Four Tet / Nathan Fake @ LPR
2/20 - Memory Tapes/Tanlines @ Tribeca Grand
2/25 - Toro Y Moi @ Cameo Gallery
3/2 - ODDSAC Premier
3/4 - Mayer Hawthorne @ Webster Hall
3/5 - Neon Indian, Holy Ghost @ Webster Hall
3/7 - Washed Out/Small Black @ Mercury Lounge
3/8 - Washed Out/Small Black/Million Young @ Mercury Lounge
3/16 Aeroplane @ Santo's Party House
3/21 The Disco Biscuits @ Brooklyn Bowl
3/26 - Ruby Suns/Toro Y Moi @ BK Bowl
3/26 - Benga/Caspa @ Webster Hall
3/30 - Flying Lotus/Kode9 @ LPR
4/2 - KJ Sawka/CassetteNYC/Tucci/Higher Nebulae/Sonic Spank @ Shea Stadium
4/6 - Thom Yorke/Flying Lotus @ Roseland Ballroom
4/10 - Washed Out/Small Black @ MHOW
4/10 Kingdom/Bok Bok @ The Cove
4/17 - Future Rock/Telepath/VHS or Beta @ BK Bowl
4/24 - Juan Maclean/Hot Chip(DJ set) @ Webster Hall
4/25 - Damn Right!/Higher Nebulae @ 171 Lombardy
5/6 - Beach House/Washed Out @ Webster Hall
5/8 - Penguin Prison/Runaway(Marcos Cabral & Jacques Renault) @ BK Bowl

Robinson Lee Earle

Gonna get a little bluesy on ya today

Titanfish (Tintenfische)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Free Show at BK Bowl on Saturday!!!

Dudes been putting out some really amazing stuff in the past years time and has a full length coming out sometime soon so keep your eyes out.

Penguin Prison - Something I'm Not - Official Music Video from penguin prison on Vimeo.

Our Orthodox

This was just sent to me today and I've really been enjoying it, basically been on repeat in the house all day. His description is better than anything I could come up with, plus the story behind the music gives it more depth and adds to the overall enjoyment.

"Our Orthodox is the project of Neal Harris, a 26 year-old Pacific Northwestern songwriter and 3 year resident of Los Angeles. Self-titled "Our Orthodox" takes the perspective of a young man whose own distaste for religion conflicts with his love for a genuinely spiritual girl. Pitting cynicism, romanticism and hope against each other; over the course of the album his state of mind gradually becomes transformed by loneliness, and he begins to suspect that he would rather just remain indifferent and in love than defiant and alone. All songs on Our Orthodox were written and produced by Neal Harris."

Stream Here!

Elmer Sounds

Came home to some cool new tunes in my inbox today, enjoy!

It's Better For Your Liver
It's Better For Your Liver(Reeeeemix)

Othello Grey

Cool track from a promising new up and comer out of Toronto, my only complaint is that it's not long enough but oh well, looking forward to future releases for sure.

Save Goodbyes

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Soundtrack to the movie Greenberg

01 The Steve Miller Band – “Jet Airliner”
02 James Murphy – “People”
03 Nite Jewel – “Suburbia”
04 James Murphy – “Sleepy Baby”
05 James Murphy – “Thumbs”
06 Albert Hammond – “It Never Rains in Southern California”
07 James Murphy – “Plenty of Time”
08 James Murphy – “Photographs”
09 James Murphy – “Gente”
10 Galaxie 500 – “Strange”
11 LCD Soundsystem: – “Oh You (Christmas Blues)”
12 James Murphy – “Birthday Song”
13 James Murphy – “Dear You”
14 The Sonics – “Shot Down”
15 Duran Duran – “The Chauffeur”
16 James Murphy – “If You Need a Friend”
17 James Murphy – “Please Don’t Follow Me”
18 James Murphy – “Photographs (Piano)”


Houston Davis Jones

Projected Living (listen/download)