Monday, November 30, 2009

Max Brennan

Wonderful album I was just recently turned on to, it's a great mix of nu-jazz / nu-disco and I just really love everything about this album from the art work to the name to the music.


We Are Part Of Us And So Are You

Four Tet and Steve Reid - Live in Basel 10/23/2009

Shift Festival 2009

Bill Laswell - Live in Tokyo 5/2/2009

Havent listened to it yet but look at this fucking line up

Bill Laswell - bass
Toshinori Kondo - trumpet
Hideo Yamaki - percussion
DJ Krush - turntables

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

King Midas Sound


Waiting For You

Gold Panda


Before EP

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Classixx - KCRW mix

Kings of the remix, pretty much every song these guys touch turns into gold.

tracklist has proven to be pretty hard to track down, sry.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blur - Live at Hyde Park

Live at Hyde Park

Eelke Kleijn - Outside The Box 46

01. Glen McArdle – Home At Last (Eelke Kleijn Edit) [Outside the Box Music]
02. Josel – Lust [No Smoking]
03. Martin Bundsen – Elements (Betoko Remix) [Itch]
04. Sebastian Davidson & Edwin & Ferdy – The Zound Of Musik (Da Funk Remix) [Ready Mix]
05. Camiel Daamen & Brenda Piersma – A boy A girl (A Vocal D side mix) [Magnitude Recordings]
06. Larakki – Djazzin [Rezonant]
07. Solarity – Chinchilla (Florian Kruze Remix) [Save Room]
08. Gui Boratto – Notations [Lo Kik]
09. Yofunk – J City (Karol XVII & MB Valence Remix) [Loco]
10. Dont – Natali [Proton]
11. Philogresz – Gibber Takes [WARE]
12. Lank – Pusserl [Mango Alley]
13. Giorgos Gatzigristos – Mutila [Outside the Box Music]
14. Jelle Kuipers – Sunstroke (Taras van de Voorde Remix)
15. Röyksopp – Tricky Tricky (Seb Dahjje Remix)
16. Giorgos Gatzigristos – Integer [Outside the Box Music]
17. Ingi & Simon Latham – Lead Me On (Royal Sapien Remix) [Olaris]
18. Cid Inc – Shake Before Use (Satoshi Fumi’s Shining Mix) [Proton]
19. Fusion F & Come T – Panama [What Happens]
20. Francesco Pico – Like The Old Days (Lank Remix) [Outside the Box Music]
21. Martin Patino & Enzo Elia – Sushi (Panos Remix) [Brandnewvibe]
22. Francesco Pico – See What We Can Find (Eelke Kleijn Remix) [Outside the Box Music]

Outside The Box 46

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Todd Terje - Live @ The Big Chill 8/7/2009

Been sitting on this for a while and totally forgot about it, enjoy!!!
length: 2 hours 58 minutes and 14 seconds

Todd Terje - Live @ The Big Chill 8/7/2009

The Golden Filter


Solid Gold



Live- (Border) @ LAB.30 11/1/2009
(right click and save as to DL)

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Se Mueve is just the second time Mexico City's blaq records has released a full length artist album. This album is a mature work from a new breed of electronic music producer coming from Mexico.Young Tnao (aka Eduard Gonzalez) has only been making tracks for a few short years, but none of his previous work can compare to the 360 degree movement of natural rhythms and organic sounds that comprise his debut ambient/chillout full length. In some ways this album is like an update of the great Seventies concept albums
Seven tracks comprise what is, in essence, a musical journey toward the One. Compositions like "Brota del Papel" and "Sueno Tiempo" are pure cinematic expressionism while others such "Sostengo De Nuevo" and "Insomnio del Medio Dia" bring back the beat for some twisted downtempo goodness. And in keeping with the Blaq tradition, the title track explores some serious afterhours deepness with an eye on what's hot for 2010. But mainly this album that needs to be listened to in its entirety as it unfolds like a living, breathing organism.(wom-pr)


Se Mueve (free dl)

Toro y Moi


Causers Of This

Boyz Noize - UMF Radio 11/20/2009

UMF Radio

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Erlend Oye

I heard someone once compare this album to Postal Service... and then I punched them in the face.

Music by:Erlend Oye (vocals); Marius Dydwad Brandrud (Fender Rhodes piano, bass); Morgan Geist, Minizza, Soviet, Prefuse 73, Bjorn Torske, Kilogram, Mr. Velcro Fastener, Kompis, Jolly Music, Schneider TM.



Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Embassy



Aeroplane - Nov 2009 Mix Chart

Nothing needs to be said, they're the best.

NOV 2009

Dan Electro


Bite The Hand That Feeds You

Animal Collective new EP !!


Fall Be Kind (Live Preview, working on getting the studio leak, give me a few)

Fall Be Kind (Studio. sry bout mix up before, acted to hastily in my excitement)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009



PinguinÖ EP

Todd Terje

I know, I know, another set with out a tracklist, sorry.


Aprés Valentine 09 Mix

02:15:04 min | 192 Kbps | 185 MB

DJ Tucci

Here is a really sweet Minimal/Techno/House mix from a really great up and coming NYC DJ. Also if you're going to be in the area on the 27th of November (my birthday!) come out and catch him at the legendary Public Assembly and buy my soon to be unemployed ass a drink.

DJ Tucci - Let It Roll

In Flagranti


Brash and Vulgar

Greg Wilson

I think its time to get a little funky, don't you?
No tracklist, sorry.


Nov. 9 Mix Mag Podcast

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Woodhead Monroe

Mumbo Jumbo 7inch

Boat Club


Caught The Breeze

Dam Funk


Rhythm Trax Vol. IV

Mystery bag...

sorry for shitty cell phone pic, left the camera at home.

So tonight I caught Medeski, Martin & Wood for the first time in almost two years and I gotta say it seems as if they have lost a little something. Don't get me wrong, it was a great show and they aren't the type of band to really play to the crowd, they play much more to what ever they're feeling which is what I love about them but it also leads to hit or miss shows. The first set started with some really experimental jazzy jams that were fun and fairly interesting, these lead into some more mellow jazz songs that were enjoyable but nothing mind blowing. The first set was sort of boring in my opinion and was basically background music to the various conversations going on but one part that sticks out was a really sweet solo by a guest percussionist. I'm at a loss as to who this percussionist was, he was fairly older and he stopped his solo to pull his pants up haha and then continued and lead the band into a really cool salsaish jam which they must love to play since I definitely recognized it. The show was really all about the second set which was pretty much funked out to the max, John Medeski is really the quintessential mad scientist when it comes to the keys and he really lived up to this part during this set. They got really funky and fun during this set with Medeski going to town on his melodica, all in all fun show but I seem to have to these grand memories of amazing MMW shows and I thought they didn't really live up to my memories. It could of been that I have just put them on some kind of musical pedestal in my brain or that I'm just looking for something different right now or even that I've just been pretty down recently but I thought the show was kind of standard fair with nothing really worth talking about. I'm pretty far from sober right now though and kind of surprised that this post came together in a relatively coherent manner (i think...) so maybe I will have a different recollection of this show when I wake up but yeah, could of been better, thank god for good friends.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

DJ Rupture & Matt Shadetek

1. Timeblind - Space Cadet, Matt Shadetek - Strength in Numbers
2. Jahdan Blakkamoore - For the Souls
3. Gang Gang Dance - Bebey (DJ /rupture & Matt Shadetek remix), Cauto - Despertar
4. Paavoharju - Urusulan Uni
5. Stagga - The Bad Dance, Babylon System - Get On Up
6. Cardopusher - Green Disorder
7. DJ /rupture & Matt Shadetek - Underwater High Rise
8. Pumajaw - Buds (Various Production remix)
9. Timeblind - Coltan and Casserite,Matt Shadetek - Nightshade
10. Caroline Bergvall - More Pets
11. Noah D & Roommate - Street Sound
12. Matt Shadetek - Shield Dub,Hildegard Westerkamp - Breathing Room
13. Nico Muhly - Mothertongue: pt 1
14. Mizz Beats - Blue Night
15. Pulshar - Mr Money Man
16. Shackleton - Into the Void (DJ /rupture remix)
17. DJ /rupture & Matt Shadetek - 4th Story Waterline
18. Luc Ferrari - Archives Génétiquement Modifiées Track 2
19. Jahdan Blakkamoore - Long Road (Lion Dub & Matt Shadetek remix)
20. Matty G - Laying in Bed, DJ /rupture feat. Elizabeth Alexander - Overture: Watermelon City (acappella), Lloop - Autumn Rain
21. DJ /rupture - El Verdugo
22. Telepathe - In Your Line (DJ /rupture & Matt Shadetek remix)

Solar Life Raft

Gemmy - 25 Min of WOW



25 Min of WOW



Aidy's Girl Is A Computer WEB

Friday, November 13, 2009

9DW & Boris

  1. Stingray (9dw)
  2. Spice (9dw)
  3. Tokyo Wonder Land (Boris)
  4. Akirame Flower (Boris)

Golden Dance Classics

9DW (Nine Days Wonder)

Strait outa Japan



Joe Goddard (Hot Chip!) Resident Advisor 179 Podcast

01. Jaylib - The Message - White
02. C.O.D - In The Bottle - Emergency Records
03. Arnaud Rebotini - The Swamp Waltz (Steve Moore Remix) - Citizen Records
04. JC Freaks - Dub Praise (Revenge Mix) - Phonica Records
05. Pépé Bradock - Path Of Most Resistance - Atavisme
06. BLK JKS - Mystery (Osborne Remix) - Secretly Canadian
07. Toddla T - Rebel (2 Bears Remix) - 1965 Records
08. Joe Goddard - Apple Bobbing - Greco-Roman
09. The Hook Up
10. Joe Goddard - Apple Bobbing (Four Tet Remix) - Greco-Roman
11. Tribe - Living in a New Day (C2 Mix) - Planet E
12. Boris - Buzz In (An Optimo (Espacio) Remix) - Scion
13. Floating Points - J&W Beat - Planet Mu
14. Joy Orbison - Wet Look - Hotflush Recordings
15. Zomby - Digital Fauna - Brainmath
16. Zed Bias - Dub Spot Riddim - Sidestepper Recordings
17. Benga - Technocal - Tectonic Recordings
18. Martyn - These Words - 3024
19. Detroit Emeralds - Feel The Need In Me - Supreme Records

179 Nov.2

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Don't kid yourself, you matter.

I like ambient music with the occasional sound of a computer being thrown through a glass window on the 18th floor.
I like digitial gravy spread thinly over static filled mashed potato volcanos.
I like empty hollow sounds that bounce around my skull and tickle the backs of my eyes.
I like beats that are just ever so slightly off tempo but so heavy no one is really sure.
I like the sound of broken two by fours scraping against concrete and I wish it was utilized more.

Prefuse was mildly enjoyable last night he seemed to revel in the fact that he could make our ear drums bleed with the flick of his wrist. Mixhell was a lot of fun, played some pretty hard hitting electro house and the addition of live drums is always awesome, they're a really great team. Also I always appreciate it when you can tell an act is giving it their all and really loving playing even if its only for the 10 of us still dancing. all in all inside LPR was a lot of fun, outside not so much. I'll be posting some tunes tomorrow, probably with a more melancholy theme.