Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Randy Barracuda

The Skweee curve takes a sharp upturn into higher production values with the intensified R'n'B electronics of Randy Barracuda's debut album. Even a glance at the sleeve tells you this record will be slightly more than your average Skwee skronk, but the inclusion of vocals from Michael Black Electro, Mama Africa and the Afro B. Logic singers turn this into an ambitious pop project from the fringes of experimental songwriting. 'Tähtien Lapsi' and 'Skwee Like A Pig' are fine examples of the way Skwee efficiently reduces electro-soul and old-skool R'n'B, but when you reach 'Hungry For Another Touch' with it's Junior Boys-on-a-budget aesthetic, they achieve proper pop structures. 'Overnight' Romancin' backs this up with a fatter approximation of classic Prince with over-funked bass guitar from Eero Johannes and 'Love Axe/Heavy Metal' nails a mini-pop epic with exceedingly dry humour offset by frilly synthlines. For the dancefloor there's always the glassy eyed, polo nosed skwonq of 'Ketamine Strut', but the best tracks are easily those crazy vocal cuts. Check this album if you like the idea of Zomby, Herbie Hancock and Junior Boys doing bumps of K in a Helsinki nightclub. Sick,(boomkat)


Randy Barracuda

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