Saturday, October 2, 2010

I one saw an illustration in MAD magazine where this kid pops a zit and zit juice just starts pouring out of his head until his whole body is deflated and a pile of blood and puss coats the room. I feel like something similar will happen the next time I blow my nose, I have a minimal amount of tissues left so I've been trying to conserve them and now my head feels like it might burst at any moment. I think MAD made a huge mistake years ago when they decided to go all color, something about the black and white gave more of a soul to their comics and when the color came it felt like they sold out, I know some of their comics were in color but I feel that by having just a few like that it made them special and unique. I don't mind when an entity "sells out" since I get that everyone has to eat but I do mind when there is a drastic shift in substance or personality.

Hahaha so I just was searching to see if I couldn't find the comic I was just talking about and apparently they made a little cartoon of it.

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