Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hello Later

Out of fairness I guess I should let you know that one of the people featured in the picture above is a friend of mine but when it comes to music I can be a real asshole and if I don't like something I wont post it and I sure as shit wont fluff it. This project though is something I really enjoy and I'm happy that I can share with you on this cloudy foreboding day because maybe it will lift your spirits like it has mine. I think it takes a lot of talent to make music that has the catchiness and sensibility of pop but is not pop music and this project definitely defends my point I believe. Also I think one can really appreciate the playful, positive and joyous emotions that are captured here, something that just brings a smile to your face as you listen (looking at you little black suitcase). So I'm writing this as I listen to the album for 3rd time and am sadly coming to the end once again but I just want to say that I highly recommend checking this out and if there is one downside to this release it's that it's too short. I know I'm not such a good writer so I'm gonna end this here and just want to say I'm looking forward to whatever's coming next, hopefully big things.

Where I'm Calling From (Bandcamp)

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  1. you don't suck at writing brother, well not so much anyway ;) good post though this is really cool.

    - RJ