Thursday, September 16, 2010

Aurim Snat and Jingles

I was lucky enough the other day to have some wonderful tracks dropped in my inbox, Aurim Snat and Jingles is my buddy Bob who plays drums for the band In India and currently resides in Brooklyn. He's been doing the solo thing on the side for a bit but these are the newest gems he's been working:


Ciarialis She a Star by Aurim Snat and Jingles

Wall Song for Sol Lewitt by Aurim Snat and Jingles

Cluuds of fruit by Aurim Snat and Jingles

to check out the older stuff head over to his myspace


  1. this is cool stuff, got anything else?

  2. Thanks Mike! Contact me at with your address and i can send you album and trax, thanx

  3. Jingles > The Police