Saturday, November 21, 2009


Se Mueve is just the second time Mexico City's blaq records has released a full length artist album. This album is a mature work from a new breed of electronic music producer coming from Mexico.Young Tnao (aka Eduard Gonzalez) has only been making tracks for a few short years, but none of his previous work can compare to the 360 degree movement of natural rhythms and organic sounds that comprise his debut ambient/chillout full length. In some ways this album is like an update of the great Seventies concept albums
Seven tracks comprise what is, in essence, a musical journey toward the One. Compositions like "Brota del Papel" and "Sueno Tiempo" are pure cinematic expressionism while others such "Sostengo De Nuevo" and "Insomnio del Medio Dia" bring back the beat for some twisted downtempo goodness. And in keeping with the Blaq tradition, the title track explores some serious afterhours deepness with an eye on what's hot for 2010. But mainly this album that needs to be listened to in its entirety as it unfolds like a living, breathing organism.(wom-pr)


Se Mueve (free dl)

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