Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bernard Fevre

Prime disco fiction from the folk behind Black Devil Disco Club on 'The Strange New World Of Bernard Fevre'. As the story goes, this album was recorded in 1975, before the release of the first BDDC album, when we could only imagine this would sound light years ahead of its time. The label and artist are in no hurry to fully confirm whether this was actually recorded then, or if they're maintaining the elaborate hoax-not-hoax of the first set, but listening to it we'd hazard a guess at this being a mixture of periods, performing some clever chrono-bafflement to have some fun with your own space-time continuum. While the previous BDDC album was dedicated to afro-electric disco grooves, this album opens up to new planes of lucid sci-fi soundscapes populated by and constructed from vintage synthsizers and sequenced with a classic analogue romanticism. It's clear to hear traces of Aphex, Air, BoC or Drecxciya embedded into these compositions, meaning it requires some dedicated one-on-one mind time for all the space cadets out there in need of a new trip. Lush.(boomkat)

Black Devil Disco Club Presents The Strange New World of Bernard Fevre

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