Wednesday, January 6, 2010

awake again, always.

sometimes when I wake up from a dream I'm tired as if I have just lived a whole day and need to go to sleep. Where do I go in these dreams? I hope its summer wherever it is and that its near a beach with a beautiful woman waiting for me on a big fluffy white blanket. I have always wanted a nice fluffy blanket to keep in my car for those moments when you just need to lay out in the sun or under the stars. Its been too long since that has happened but it seems as if the winter has only just begun, not in my dreams though. This Massive Attack album is really great, prefect for these cold winter days or cold winter nights as it relates to me so far and perfect for these hazy summer days in my head, I hope they timed this release knowing that it would be a savior to those of us driven inside by blustery winds and dangerously low flying icicles.

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  1. i want more posts like this! your words give life to the music