Tuesday, January 12, 2010

sloow down

So I just got an email today from my previous boss and they are asking me to come back to work for 2 weeks to help out with some stuff. Its strange because well, they laid me off!! I almost don't want to go back since its just temporary and I was getting used to having the time off but I could really use the money. Anyway, to the point! for the next two weeks things might be moving a little slower here as I won't have the time to listen to as much stuff but don't worry I have some tunes jammed up my pants leg that I have been meaning to post. So while it will slow down a bit I'm still gonna update every day but it might just be one album a day or so. Quality will not decline though as I care more about this blog than I do my job but I dropped my camera today and broke the lens so I have to get some scratch together to buy a new one. Also soon I am going to start posting some artwork and movies that I really enjoy and if you have any artwork that you yourself made and would like me to showcase here I would really enjoy doing so, just send me an email Lakai2788@hotmail.com

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