Sunday, January 10, 2010

Smashing Pumpkins Live on VPRO 6/30/93

This is the recording of a radio show they did when, in my opinion they were really in their prime, also its all acoustic which really showcases the raw emotion their songs contained. This short but wonderful show has an amazingly powerful version of my favorite cover they have ever played, Thin Lizzy's "dancing in the moonlight". I also just remembered that I have a compilation of acoustic pumpkins tracks that my good friend Chris made for me years ago so once I can locate the cd I'll up that as well.

01 Spaceboy
02 Dancing In The Moonlight
03 Rocket
04 Cherub Rock
05 Today
06 Disarm

VPRO 6/30/1993


  1. I remember when this band got big.
    They got called in last min for SNL one time right?

  2. they might have been but I'm not really sure, I have always tended to not be around a TV when SNL is on. Just found this random video actually where Billy Corgan talks about their 93 appearance on SNL, sound quality isn't to great but you can make out what he's saying.

  3. i def have that mix on my old mac, ill without a doubt get that for you asap man, also you may be interested in the blind melon one i made :o) burnin a few CDs' is the least i could do for you after how much youve helped me out these last few weeks since my accident.. u really rock bro, and much love for the shout out. please keep writing and dont stop helping people out there open their ears and minds a little more everyday! ur the most real muh fugah i kno