Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Samurai Champloo

I used to really love this show, I was never really one for anime but I am a sucker for Samurai flicks and this show really managed to bring a fresh take on such a classic genre. One of the other amazing things about this show was the music, instrumental hip hop tracks made up the most of it but they also dabbled in many other genres like trip hop, downtempo and nu-jazz to name a few. Anyway here are all soundtracks from the show, I haven't listened to all the disks yet but Nujabes made a ton of these tracks so I am sure they are great and can't wait to check each one out. Do yourself a favor and grab these, they're perfect for a lazy afternoon or after a hard day when you just want to sit back and burn the day away.

It was hard to choose just one track to give a little preview because they are all so unique and great.






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