Sunday, January 17, 2010

Real Estate - Live On The Radio

mmm vinyl, this band kicks ass, I know I wasn't gonna pick favorites for 2009 but if I had to their full length would be my favorite of oh 9. Anyway these tracks came from two different radio shows they played one being at UMass and the other at Vasser College, only 300 copies of this were released and sold at shows on this past tour. So since most of us couldn't get our hands on the vinyl I deliver it you in almost all its glory, even though its lost a bit of its feeling since being ripped these recordings sound really great and they nail their songs.

Live On The Radio

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  1. ah man, yes! I cant wait to get this. they're playing in pa soon, tryna get my ass there. shame i couldn't get one of those vinyl! i hadn't even heard about this one, awesome!!